Welcome to the MESMA Central Exchange application. This website has been developed as part of the EU-FP7 funded MESMA project (2009-2013). During our project, we developed a framework to evaluate and monitor the management of spatially managed marine areas. That is, if you want to know if the management of a certain marine area is effective, you can use the MESMA method to evaluate this. We tested this framework in a number of case studies and considered it good enough for you. 

You can explore the analysis methods on this website. In addition, a number of tools, and a geodatabase with example datasets are available. If you want to perform a professional analysis, we recommend to carefully read instructions in the Help section, read examples and the read the available literature. You can find the MESMA folks on Linked-In and Facebook, if you need help on this.

For a quick overview see also the short PowerPoint introduction



MESMA Analyses

The MESMA framework is a step-wise approach to the evaluation and monitoring of spatially managed marine areas. The framework -published in Marine Policy- provides guidance on the selection, mapping, and assessment of ecosystem components and human pressures. It also addresses the evaluation of management effectiveness and potential adaptations to management. Moreover, it provides advice on the use of spatially explicit tools for practical tasks like the assessment of cumulative impacts of human pressures or pressure-state relationships. Governance is directly linked to the framework through a governance analysis that can be performed in parallel and feeds into the different steps of the framework.



Over 60 tools that can be used in combination with the MESMA framework have been collected during the MESMA project. Case studies have worked with tools and provided information on tool use and tool evaluation. The tools can be accessed per framework step, or per category.



The MESMA team has developed the MESMA metadata catalogue (Geonetwork) in compliance with INSPIRE, which is the European standard for data set classification. The metadata catalogue is based on data from all MESMA case studies, and provides a shared vision of the collective data holdings relevant to the MESMA objectives. The team worked closely with the case studies to classify the available datasets according to the INSPIRE themes. The metadata are be accessible through the MESMA Geoportal. The Geoportal includes key features, such as metadata search and a geodata mapping interface.